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Excellent 720+ Personal Credit? Unlock Your Income Potential

as a Credit Partner
to one of our pre-selected Businesses

Benefits of Becoming a Credit Partner


Additional Passive Income

Put your excellent credit to work for you and bring you additional income each month.

Valuable Experience

Gain valuable business experience working with experienced Entrepreneurs and Lenders.

Good LifeStyle

Minimal time commitment allows you to maintain your current lifestyle.

Fast, Easy and Secure!
The Process Couldn't Be Easier!

How Does the Credit Partner CFO Program Work?:

As a Credit Partner CFO, you will take advantage of your outstanding Credit History to earn. We will match you with one of our Experienced Entrepreneurs to assist him/her in financing the growth of the Business and in exchange you will earn each Month.

Is this a Job Offer? Do I have to do any work?

No. This is NOT a Job. This is NOT a Gig. This is a Long-Term Monetization of your Excellent Credit History which right now is not earning you any thing. You will only be required to do very minimal tasks every now and then, mostly to authorize Credit Applications as the Entrepreneur you are matched with pursues Business Financing Opportunities. This allows you to maintain your current lifestyle while earning a significant additional income.

How strong does my Credit Need to be to qualify?

You need to have generally good and clean personal credit. This means you should have a Credit History that is at least 5 Years Old, have always paid all your bills on time, and have at least 3 Open Credit Card Accounts right now.

Will my Credit be at risk?

As a Credit Partner CFO, you will be using your great credit to support our pre-selected businesses in obtaining funding. Every Credit Account that is approved will require the Entrepreneur to provide you with 6 Months of Reserves to ensure the Creditor is paid on time and so payments can be made even in the event of some unforeseen event. In addition, the Entrepreneur will personally guarantee to repay all debts to all creditors and all fees to you as well.

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