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What’s App: (720)-538-5943 Phone: (720) 500-3795

Lender Submission Service




Having an accurate credit report is exceptionally significant on the grounds that it is gotten to by institutions that make lending and other monetary choices. A credit report can be gotten to via landowners, sellers of significant things like vehicles, homes, and furniture, potential employers, and insurance companies.Numerous banks audit FICO ratings. Bill payment history and measure of credit utilized (both appeared in credit reports) are key elements. Thusly, it is vital to survey credit reports consistently to ensure that they are precise.For the most part, customers with a superior record as a consumer get more positive advance terms than those with imperfections in their credit report (e.g., late installments and charged-off obligations).



We evaluate different options like your bank, local credit unions and more. Ask each Lender about rates, loan terms, down payment requirements, , closing cost and fees of all kinds, and compare these details on every potential lender.



We submit the application to the lenders that accept online applications ourselfs and we provide you with exact instructions how to submit any other application that cannot be submited online and requires your involvment.



You follow up with the lenders. Providing any documents they may request such as photo ID, proof of address etc…



You get approved and get funded.

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Frequently Asked Questions

We only accept Entrepreneurs who are likely to match, but we cannot guarantee a match 100%, and Match Fees are Non-Refundable. We charge a Match Fee to be paid upfront. If the original Credit Partner does not match, then we will match you to another Credit Partner of similar quality at no additional charge, up to a maximum of 10 Match Attempts, or 6 Months, whichever comes first. If we are unable to find you a Match, you will receive the Full Match Package so you can continue your search by yourself and 50% OFF Match Fees in the Future if you want to come back again to try to match.

Yes, all Credit Partners require that you pay a Minimum Monthly Fee regardless of the Funding obtained. This is to ensure the Credit Partner has a minimum level of financial incentive to assist you in the process of applying for Funding.

You are expected to have experience in the Industry for which you are looking for Funding.

Yes you do. Credit Partners will often require 6 to 12 months of Minimum Payments to be kept as Payment Reserves in case you are late on Payments. Payment Reserves must be funded from each Credit Facility obtained before the Credit Partner will give you access to the rest of the Funds.

You will be allowed access to the Credit Partner’s Credit Report and Credit Scores (with Personally-Identifiable Information redacted) so you can decide if the Credit quality meets your requirements. Most Credit Partners will have Excellent and Clean Credit with High Credit Scores so that most types of Funding will be accessible.

The Monthly Fee is calculated as the greater of:


  1. Fixed Monthly Minimum; OR
  2. The agreed-upon Risk Premium based on the total credit balances as of the 1st of each Month.

A Match Attempt is the process of attempting to convince a pre-selected Credit Partner to agree to Match with you. We will first pre-select Credit Partners that meet your Criteria, and whose Criteria you also seem to meet. We will then work with the Credit Partner to answer his questions and concerns and get the Contract signed.

As the Entrepreneur, you will need to provide:


  1. Simple Business Plan that we assist you in creating, showing how you will meet the payment obligations on the credit extended.
  2. Resume showing experience in your field.
  3. Explanation of your current Credit Issues.

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Sales & Support Hours:

Open 10am to 8pm ET. Mon to Fri.
Phone: (720) 500-3795


What’s App: (720)-538-5943
Phone: (720) 500-3795


What’s App: (720)-538-5943
Phone: (720) 500-3795